Custom WordPress Plugin Development

We design and develop custom WordPress Plugins. We help businesses level up their online conversion rate by finding the right software solution for their needs. 

At Pivotal, we partner with you and your team to help your business achieve its goals.  We want to make a you raving fan of our work. So, from inception to launch, we will  design, test, and deploy your WordPress plugin.

Here are a few examples:

Sales Banner

Everyone wants to make an informed purchasing decision. The best price, free shipping, special discounts, return policy, are some of the key factors when making a purchasing decision. A buyer needs to know they can trust doing business with the seller. That's where Sales Banner steps in to help your business.

Eternal Directory

Eternal directory is a plugin developed for the funeral and cemetery industry.  As most people expect a digital experience for most aspects of their lives. The cemetery industry is no exception.  We develop Eternal directory to offer funeral and cemetery business owners the ability to offer their clients everything they need to memorialise their loved one. 



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