eCommerce soloution for etra

ECommerce Build: Extreme Trail Rider Association


Extreme Trail Riders Association need a full-service multi-vendor eCommerce website with a classified section and business directory. The website allows business owners in the horse industry to sell equestrian products and services to a growing a loyal customer base. In addition to the multi-vendor eCommerce offering, ETRA wanted to allow a members only business directory to promote their business and a classified section for individuals to sell products privately.

In addition, Extreme Trial Riders Association wanted a responsive web design that displayed properly on Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile.


Multi-Vendor eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce


Development Process


Multi-vendor eCommerce website for business owners to sell equestrian products and services.

Paid business directory to allow businesses to promote their business and improve back-links.

High quality user experience on Desktops, Tablets, and SmartPhones.

Free classified section for individuals to privately sell products. Individuals create their own account and post products for sale.


Created multi-vendor eCommerce store using WordPress and a Multi-Vendor/WooCommerce plugin.

Implemented a membership business directory. Business directory utilized SEO best practices to drive traffic the listing.

Designed a mobile responsive website using Elementor Pro.

Implemented a classified section for individuals to create an account and post items for private sale.

eCommerce soloution for etra

Extreme Trail Riders Association

Multi-Vendor eCommerce solution for business owners in the equestrian industry to sell products and services.

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