Top 3 Reason For A Real Estate Agent To Invest In A Website

Top 3 Reason For A Real Estate Agent To Invest In A Website

Almost every Real Estate Agency has a website; however, it is not common for individual agents to have their own website, and its costing them a lot of money. There are dozens compelling reason for a real estate agent to invest in a website. Here are a few common reasons our clients decided invest in a beautiful real estate website.

In 2019, it is simply impossible to build a reputable brand and connect with today’s consumers without some sort of online real estate presence. With so many options why should a real estate agent invest in a website?

Build Your Brand

As an agent you want people to remember you. The agency you work for is a distant second. If you rely on the agency website to promote and build your business, then your business is dependent on the agency. Building your own website gives you independence from your agency and the freedom to build your own brand.

Another key advantage is separating yourself from your competition. Most real estate agents do not have their own website. Just having a website gives you a significant advantage. It is a clear signal to potential customers that you are serious about your profession and are willing to share your knowledge and expertise with them.

Location Authority

Buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who is an authority on the local marketplace. Buyers want you to find them their dream home for the lowest possible price. Sellers want you to get them top dollar. You may be able to say all the right words to convince potential clients that you are an authority; however, a real estate website helps you prove it. A website allows you to show potential clients your work, your properties, and your knowledge of the neighborhoods you represent.

You can demonstrate your knowledge by providing up to date statistics and articles. Explain how you helped a seller achieve a sale price that was 10% above market value. Or how you helped a buyer manage the complexities of purchasing their home. You can also keep it light. Write about popular restaurants, shops, schools, sporting clubs, and local events in your area.

The key takeaway is to demonstrate your knowledge on these topics. This gives potential clients more confidence that you are the right person to help them achieve their goals.

Market Research

Remember not everyone wants to meet with a real estate agent up front. A grow segment of the population prefers to do their own market research before meeting an agent in person. So, give them what they want, helpful answers to their questions and let them find these answers with no pressure. When they are ready, they will know, like and trust you because your website did all the preliminary work of warming them up to YOU!

Start increasing your sales and dominating your marketplace by investing in a real estate website. Contact Gary Tohill @ 519-914-7177 or for a free consultation.

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